1) Simple modal passive

if you are violent, you will be arrested

They boasted that although they might be arrested, they wouldn’t be silenced.

2) Modal perfect passive

His answers must have been copied from someone else.

If he had been caught cheating, he would have been expelled from school.

3) Modal continuous passive

I see that men are working on the roof today. I think it may be being repaired

4) Phrasal modal passive

Someone has to tell Chris to stop interrupting. Chris has to be told to stop interrupting

I had to find a place for all the boxes. A place had to be found for all the boxes.

5) Passive infinitive

He expects most of the work to be finished before the weekend.

They didn’t invite us. It was strange not to be invited.

6) Perfect passive infinitive

She’s really excited to have been chosen

7) Passive gerund

I didn’t like being asked about my private life

No one had informed me about that. I resented not having been informed.

8) Perfect passive gerund

Tom didn’t mention having been promoted.